NRI Financial Adviser

Let’s Start Working Together

Everything we do is centered around establishing a plan to help you reach your goals. We love our role as fiduciary wealth advisors, and we make it easy to work with us.
Get to Know Each Other The goal of our initial meeting is to introduce ourselves to each other. We’ll listen carefully to your story and gain an understanding of your values and goals. We’ll tell you about our philosophy and how we work, and we’ll lay out the path to a successful relationship.
Create Your Roadmap We’ll review your holistic financial picture and dive into your financial plan. We’ll discuss strategies for meeting your goals — whether you’re focused on establishing financial independence, optimizing your equity compensation, funding education for children or other relatives, creating a family legacy, managing the sale of a small business, or something else entirely.
Align Your Portfolio Once we understand “what’s the money for?” and assess your risk tolerance, we’ll discuss suitable investments for your specific situation and suggest an initial portfolio allocation. And then, over time, we’ll stay connected: As your situation and needs evolve, we’ll continue to refine your path to financial freedom.
Track Progress
We know that your circumstances and priorities change over time. We can adapt it to changing circumstances, helping you to achieve and to protect your goals.