NRI Financial Adviser


Tax planning permeates everything that we do for our clients. From a portfolio management perspective, we are ever mindful of maximizing after-tax returns, which drives asset allocation and decisions around which asset classes make sense. From a financial planning perspective, we work closely with clients and their tax accountants to ensure we have up-to-date tax information, which we use to formulate tax-planning strategies.

Some of our core areas include:

  • Comprehensive planning around equity awards (ISO, RSU, NQSO, ESPP)
  • Effectively using retirement vehicles to defer tax
  • Roth IRA conversion planning
  • Qualified small business stock planning (QSBS)
  • Gift-giving strategies and vehicles to effectively transfer wealth to future generations
  • Helping business owners take advantage of the QBI/Section 199A pass-through deduction
  • Charitable-giving strategies
  • Financing vs. cash purchase decisions

NRI Wealth Management can help you see how different aspects of your finances, e.g., taxes, investments, and charitable giving, can work together to help you work toward your goals.
With a little preparation, you can be more strategic about your taxes year-round. Schedule your consultation today for insights and information that can help you prepare and adapt to an evolving tax environment.